LCY London Sponsors Sri Lanka's Mister Global 2022

Posted by Hussain Jiffry on

LCY LONDON proudly announces its sponsorship of the charismatic and gifted Hans Nathan Koch, Mister Sri Lanka, in the distinguished Mister Global 2022 pageant in Thailand. We applaud his commitment to showcasing Sri Lanka's rich cultural heritage and captivating beauty on an international platform.

Hans Nathan Koch captivated audiences in his interviews with The Sunday Morning Happinez, highlighting his modelling and acting prowess, expertise in fitness and nutrition, and enthusiasm for representing Sri Lanka in global competitions. He also discussed the challenges faced by male pageant contestants in Sri Lanka, including financial barriers and inadequate industry and community support.

In a show of support for Hans Nathan Koch's journey to Mister Global 2022, LCY LONDON supplied him with our signature Hybrid Polo Shirts. Crafted from premium materials, these versatile polos suit both casual and formal occasions, as demonstrated by Hans Nathan Koch at various pageant events.

At LCY LONDON, we take pride in backing Hans Nathan Koch's endeavours and showcasing our exceptional fusion of style and practicality through our Hybrid Polo Shirts. We believe that clothing should not only be visually appealing but also comfortable and narrate a tale. Consequently, we design and manufacture our polos with a keen eye for detail, dedication, and an innovative spirit.

Moreover, we are committed to giving back to our community and nurturing young talent in achieving their aspirations. In this vein, we plan to launch a Mother's Day campaign, inviting children to draw something that evokes memories of their mothers. Winning designs will be featured on T-shirts and sold online, with profits donated to a selected charity. Stay tuned for further information and join us in embracing creativity and generosity.

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