MENS LUXURY POLO SHIRTS | LCY Where men's luxury British polo shirts combine our commitment to design excellence with the vibrant spirit of Sri Lanka. Experience our globally-renowned collection, inspired by Sri Lanka's rich heritage and crafted to showcase the best of both worlds, as we bring our unique fusion of style and quality to the international stage.

Humble Origins

The Rise of a Global Polo Shirt Powerhouse

Our story begins in a small shop with a small team. With nothing but passion and a dream our brand was born. Emerging from the grass roots of the fashion industry in Sri Lanka to a global POLO T shirts brand , drawing inspiration from the sport of polo.

LCY depicts a way of life characterized by authenticity, youth spiritedness and versatility. Having over 3 decades of experience in designing and crafting Only POLOs of International standards is LCY's greatest strength. LCY is now embarking on a new voyage with it’s arrival to the British Market as LCY London.


Behind the brand

Meet our CEO - Panduka Ekanayake

Panduka Ekanayake is a highly analytical and results-oriented leader who serves as the CEO of LCY London. He boasts an impressive background in marketing and brand management across diverse corporate sectors.

Panduka's expertise has been instrumental in devising and executing comprehensive marketing strategies, launching and managing campaigns to drive sales, accelerate revenue, and achieve long-term business objectives. With his guidance, LCY London continues to expand its global presence, delivering exceptional polo shirts that embody the spirit of British luxury.

Quality first

Craftsmanship Meets Premium Materials

LCY imports fabrics from renowned fabric suppliers across the globe. We apply the knowledge and expertise gained through our long journey of 30 years to design unique fashion pieces. We experiment with different materials, yarns and thread varieties while working continuously on updating on the new lifestyle of polos.

Adopting Branded International POLO Standards and redesigning them to suit your spirits and setting, we are well known for the innovative, revolutionary and bold style.

Our POLOs are expertly crafted from the finest quality cotton to provide extra breathability, comfort and moisture - wicking Silhouette. Best-loved in Sri Lanka, LCY perfectly suits the Sri Lankan setting and atmosphere.

The tropical milieu of Sri Lanka has made our brand a fashion favorite in the arena of men's casual fashion in Sri Lanka. LCY has a capacity of supplying to all high end retailers across Sri Lanka. It has its own independent manufacturing plants that follow stringent quality standards to meet international demands.