LCY WAY - it is a way that has guided LCY since it’s beginning in 1997. When founder Jeffrey Salih set out to create that is the most creative and quality polo in Sri Lanka. And it is a path that we have been on ever since, in every idea in every method, and in every part of every piece ever produced by LCY. While no word can precisely define the culture of LCY, our aim has been exact and single-minded in its goal; to create a diverse and sustainable environment for people and for its product.

Our principles guide everything we do, our commitment to people, integrity, and drive for excellence. To continue evolving, challenging the status quo, and putting our ideals first.

  • People 
    We prioritize people and place them at the core of all we do.
  • Sustained innovation 
    To influence the world, we confront our boundaries and the established norm.
  • Ethical Development

By being transparent and honest with our customers and community of partners, we constantly strive to do the right thing.

We continue to operate as a family; acquiring our resources from environmentally conscious suppliers. We adhere to a core set of ideals despite the fact that our operations have developed over time.

We are unwavering in our values. All of our suppliers must adhere to the highest ethical and environmental standards and share our regard for human life.

This is the only thing we make, the only thing we will ever make

There is one word for what we do #TheOnlyPolo.