The Design Room

Each and every one of our garments' journeys begin with the vision of our dedicated design department which is based at our Sri Lanka head office.

The brand ethos that was established over 20 years ago is devotedly adhered to, to this day, and our masterful team ensures that year after year, our customers are delivered thoughtfully designed pieces to complement the lifestyles of men across the globe.

Designers work in our fashion design studio where they can envision, plan, and produce clothing and related products. In some cases, the phrase "atelier workshop" is used. New apparel, clothing, and polo essentials are designed and developed in the fashion studios by our fashion designers and artists. They create concept boards, research fabric compositions, and assess colour trend selections, among other things.

Our retail and creation spaces make up the two main parts of Fashion Studio.

Let us know what you think of your items. If you are not satisfied your purchase can be replaced at any time or returned after 30 days. All of our products come with a 30 day free return and one year manufacturers guarantee against defects.