Emerging from the grassroots of the fashion industry in Sri Lanka to a global POLO T-shirts brand, drawing inspiration from the sport of polo. LCY depicts a way of life characterized by authenticity, youth spiritedness, and versatility. Having over 3 decades of experience in designing and crafting Only POLOs of International standards is  LCY's greatest strength. LCY is now embarking on a new voyage with its arrival to the British Market as LCY London.


  • Inspired by the sport of Polo  
    Formerly known as the “tennis shirt”, drawing inspiration from the Sport of POLOs collection blending athletic - elegant looks, POLOs has become a modern-day fashion statement.
  • Reflect your style through creativity
    The aura of LCY is characterized by it's creativity and novelty. Every line of our collections is captured by originality and refinement. LCY brings into light the richness and legacy of the Sri Lankan culture and the heritage. Infusing the richness of the culture with the artistry of designing POLO T shirts, weprovide you an authentic experience.
  • Timeless styles from one occasion to the next
    Refining the aspects of standard POLO throughout 30 years, we ensure that they are refined, comfortable, and perfect to suit all episodes in your life. Elevate your personal fashion statement with LCY. The bold and unique prints and distinctive designs give you the perfect look to embrace your moment.