Surrounded by the Indian ocean, the founders were captivated by the coastal features of Sri Lanka. The fishing industry became an iconic symbol in Sri Lanka which is also the heartbeat of the country's economy. Thus, the anchor is a tribute to one's roots ; a sense of reminder of one's identity.

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Formerly named "Legacy", LCY signifies the inheritance of the island of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka's tropical atmosphere with it's wilderness and beauty encourages the exploratory spirit to surpass the ordinary.

Our All Over Print (AOP) collection derives from the exploration of the wilderness and is inspired by the Art Of Summer. Merging tradition with innovation, our collections provide extraordinary designs and prints.

Introducing a wide variety of collections to break the monotony of everyday conservative attire, from casual to leisure looks, LCY collection is even befitting for travel and sports looks.

Our impressive collections are specially designed to highlight individual style. The Anchor connotes the promise of re-defining your personality.

The logomark

Simple, iconic, timeless

In order to convey a modern style and feel, we first used this nautical logo in 2005. And as we broadened the range of applications, we improved the lettermark design, giving it the sharper appearance it has today.

The letters

The letters "LCY" from our English brand name make up our logo.
The logo mark's current design is the product of changes implemented in 2005 to increase its visibility, an evolution that took into account how the human eye interprets visual clues. In order to achieve visual harmony through an equal balance of characters, we carefully considered the spacing and height of each emblems. The logo embodies our standard of excellence and fosters relationships that are driven by our experience.